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Zombie Apocalypse Perfume

Zombie Apocalypse Perfume

$ 12.00
★ ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: Even if the world ends in a chaotic swarm of shambling undead corpses, you can still go out smelling great and kicking @$$! This fragrance is a double-barreled shotgun shell full of succulent black raspberry, bergamot, dark amber, with dark vanilla bean, labdanum and a kick of gunpowder!

★ Scent Style: Earthy, slightly floral, enchanting

★ Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, proprietary fragrance oil blend.

★ ABOUT OUR PERFUME OILS: We use high-quality fragrance and essential oils to lovingly concoct inspirational scents that are meant to spark your imagination and give you a unique olfactory experience. We ensure that our oils are 100% cruelty-free, alcohol-free and vegan safe. Carefully-crafted, long-lasting and divinely-scented!

★ Always test oils on a small patch of skin before applying fully. Our oils are not for consumption, nor are they intended for small children.

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