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Weirwood Grove Wax Melts

Weirwood Grove Wax Melts

$ 5.50
★ Somewhere far, far north of the Wall stands a ring of ancient weirwoods where the scent of bone-white birch bark, pine cone accord, blood-red leaves and amber sap hangs in the frigid air.

★ Scent Style: Crisp, woodsy

★ You will receive one pack of six highly- scented cube melts, each about 1 inch in diameter. Simply place one or two cubes into your electric or tealight wax warmer and enjoy! Please be mindful to use caution when melting hot wax around pets and children.

★ Our wax tarts are hand-poured in small, fresh batches using a smooth blend of paraffin and soy wax, mixed with high-quality fragrance oils to ensure long lasting scent throw.

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