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Wax Melts - Choose 4

$ 20.00

★ This listing is for FOUR wax tart packs of your choice. When you check out, please be sure to tell me what FOUR scents you would like in the comments section, otherwise I will just choose for you from among my best-sellers!


•FIELDS OF HYRULE•: Sweet grass, violets and wildflowers swaying in a warm summer breeze.

•GUNSLINGER'S TOWER•: Smooth, creamy sandalwood, tonka and well-worn leather help to ground the haunting scent of dusky roses.

•HARLEY'S FUNHOUSE•: Cotton candy, fresh caramel apples and warm funnel cake.

•HEARTHSTONE•: Rooibos tea, fresh peaches and signet marigolds.

•IVY's GARDEN•: Notes of jasmine, lilac, rosehip and patchouli on a bed of soft moss after a gentle rainstorm.

•MEMORY OF GALLIFREY•: Gentle dusky desert breezes with notes of dried, wind-blown leaves, charred pine and cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood with light notes of brown sugar and soft vanilla.

•MY HAPPY PLACE•: Vanilla ice cream, fresh waffle cones, creamy caramel, magic

•THE FALCON•: The perfect blend of lemon, lime citrus, tonka bean, mixed with lily of the valley, jasmine florals and clean, ozonic notes.

•ROSE'S ROOM•: The softest pink rose petals delicately balanced with geranium and a playful twist of lemon curd - not your ordinary rose scent!

•SPIRAL HILL•: Dry leaves, cinnamon apples, vanilla beans, cloves, spiced pears and mandarin

•WEIRWOOD GROVE•: Birch bark, pine cone accord, blood-red maple leaves and amber sap

•WONDERLAND•: Tart pink grapefruit, zesty orange, jasmine petals and rich, alluring sandalwood.

•YUBABA'S BATHHOUSE•: Exotic sea salt bath soaks, delicate water lotus and healing aloe, topped with Japanese yuzu and Satsuma orange rinds.

★ You will receive FOUR packs of six highly- scented cube melts, each about 1 inch in diameter. Simply place one or two cubes into your electric or tealight wax warmer and enjoy! Please be mindful to use caution when melting hot wax around pets and children.

★ Our wax tarts are hand-poured in small, fresh batches using a smooth blend of paraffin and soy wax, mixed with high-quality fragrance oils to ensure long lasting scent throw.

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