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Geisha Girl Perfume

Geisha Girl Perfume

$ 12.00

★ GEISHA GIRL: She moves among the clean scent of cool waters and green florals. Her kimono is delicate snow blossom. Her perfume is green tea leaf and jasmine. The soft aroma of pink sakura petals and yuzu hovers on the breeze as she drifts soundlessly out of sight.

★ Scent Style: Fresh, clean, soft, feminine

★ Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, proprietary fragrance oil blend.

★ ABOUT OUR PERFUME OILS: We use high-quality fragrance and essential oils to lovingly concoct inspirational scents that are meant to spark your imagination and give you a unique olfactory experience. We ensure that our oils are 100% cruelty-free, alcohol-free and vegan safe. Carefully-crafted, long-lasting and divinely-scented!

★ Always test oils on a small patch of skin before applying fully. Our oils are not for consumption.

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