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Geek Fire Labs Lip Balm Set - Choose 5

$ 19.00

★ This listing is for FIVE balms of your choice. This is a great option if you're looking for hit holiday gifts, throwing a themed party, or if you just want to try out a bunch of our wonderful balms!

★ In order to tell us which lip balm flavors you want please visit your cart and click the 'ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER' text button.  Within the field, please list which FIVE lip balms you would like.  If this box is left empty, we will hand-pick five delicious flavors of our choice just for you!



•COOKIE CAT•: Smells like a delightful FUSION of chocolate cookie and strawberry ice cream

•CRESCENT MOON KITTY•: Smells like succulent blackberries and a saucer of cream.

•DROID, PLEASE!•: Smells like zippy, peppy blood orange.

•GLORIOUS PURPOSE•: Smells like the perfect juicy pear, drizzled in golden honey.

•GOBLIN KING'S GIFT•: Smells like juicy peaches with a splash of sweet cream

•HEY MISTAH J•: Smells like warm red velvet cake with smooth, white vanilla frosting

•HOGWARTS HOLIDAY•: *SEASONAL* Smells like delicious, foamy frothy butterscotch brew!

•I CHOOSE YOU!•: Smells like fresh strawberries and cream.

•IVY'S POISON•: Smells like a crisp, green apple dipped in ooey-gooey caramel - a customer favorite

•LEIA'S BUNS•: Smells like a scrumptious cinnamon roll

•MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE-UP!•: Smells like a savory vanilla cupcake topped with swirling pink frosting and sprinkles

•MOTHER OF DRAGONS•: Smells like biting into a piece of delicately spiced dragonfruit

•NERFHERDER•: Smells just like a smooth, suave hazelnut latte

•PATRONUS•: Smells like white chocolate, vanilla and a hint of mint

•PIXIE DUST•: Made with real Mexican vanilla that has been infused with a tinge of maraschino cherry, with neutral mica shimmer added!

•PRIMAL PEANUT BUTTER•: Did somebody say peanut butter?! And also, a touch of banana!

•PUMPKIN KING: What's this? There's pumpkin pie everywhere! What's this? Fall spices in the air

•SALLY'S SPELL: We sense there's something in the wind, and it smells like sumptuous pomegranate and creamy french vanilla

•SECOND BREAKFAST•: Smells like fresh, warm pancakes dripping with butter and maple syrup

•SLAYER•: Smells like blood-red cherries and sexy spices

•SOOT SPRITE SPRINKLES•: Smells like star-shaped sprinkles - think french macaron!

•SUGAR SKULL•: Smells like raspberries, meringue and sweet caramel

•TEAM INSTINCT•: Smells like striking lemon drops. There is no shelter from the storm!

•TEAM MYSTIC•: Smells like energizing blue raspberry. We know no bird but the bird in the North!

•TEAM VALOR•: Smells like fiery cinnamon. What is red may never die!

•TEA WITH INARA•: Smells like spiced chai tea, enjoyed amid the incense smoke and candlelight of a luxurious boudoir

•TIME LORD TOFFEE•: Smells like a delicious piece of home-made English toffee

•WINKY FACE•: Smells like a burst of juicy, pink bubble gum!

•ZERO•: Smells like vanilla kissed by wintery mint!

•ZOMBIE KISSES•:Smells like lime soda and rum, with just a twist of apricot.

★ Please note that if you order a balm that states OUT OF STOCK in the listing, we reserve the right to choose a different lip balm in its place and include it in your order.

★ Our lip balms are 100% cruelty-free and are created in small, fresh batches with an all-natural base. They go on smooth and creamy with no oily or waxy residue, leaving your lips feeling deliciously soft! No artificial sweetener added.

★ Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Bees Wax, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Gel, Flavor Oil

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