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Black Cat no. 9: A sleek, mystifying mixture of citrusy black tea, wafting tobacco smoke and spiced buttercream, with top notes of pomegranate, bergamot and a crack of black pepper.

Calavera: Sugar skulls, fall apples, caramel, sugar cane, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg

Coffins & Crows: The harvest’s final bounty of overripe blackberries, topped with bergamot over a base of dark cacao bean, sandalwood and vanilla.

Cthulhu: A rich, mysterious scent that speaks of distant shores, unnamed seas, earthen moss and patchouli, and raves about notes of cyclamen, fresh ozone and citrus on a foreign breeze.

Fractured Fairy Tale: A sinister spell cast under the glow of a harvest moon conjures up the essence of haunted oak trees, smashed pumpkin carriages, freshly poisoned apples and broken vanilla dreams.

Freak Show: Experience the musk of sawdust and opiates lingering in the air amidst the wafting scent of cotton candy, hazelnut and caramel, all part of the weirdness and wonder of the carnival’s Big Top.

Geisha Girl: She moves among the clean scent of cool waters and green florals. Her kimono is delicate snow blossom. Her perfume is green tea leaf and jasmine. The soft aroma of pink sakura petals and yuzu hovers on the breeze as she drifts soundlessly out of sight.

Glitter in the Graveyard: The scent of oak moss and soil after a rainstorm creates a beautifully musky base. A flower unfurls atop a lone grave, releasing a bouquet of calla lily, moonflower and glittering sugar crystals.

Gotham Nights: Distinct notes of white carnation sprinkled with blood orange, sandalwood and black rose, making way for a kiss of patchouli. The top notes give off a hint of toasted vanilla bean and whiffs of vetiver, amber, and the tiniest touch of Egyptian musk for a smoky, sexy finish.

Haunted Doll's HeadA pleasant scent of antique vanilla, ruby red raspberries, crushed lilac petals, cloves and the curious scent of plumeria.

Lilith: A sensually seductive medley of exotic Indian Sandalwood, nag champa incense, drops of black amber, vanilla beans and rich Colombian coffee.

Pumpkin Spice Pin-up: Fresh caramelized pumpkin, sweet buttercream dusted with cinnamon, topped with peaches and autumn spices. Unbelievably delicious!

SherLOCKED: An herbal tea and berry fusion, chased by a hint of mandarin and yuzu. Follow it to its logical conclusion of tobacco leaves and thyme, and you’re left with a soft dry-down of white musk and sheer brilliance.

Tardis Heart: A rich, golden glow of amber, spiceberry, mulled fruit, creamy sandalwood and myrrh, with a gleam of nag champa. A sexy and powerful scent, for those with the strongest of hearts.

Unicorn Blood: Geek Fire Labs' signature scent of crisp, sparkling white wine and pink grapefruit mingled with vanilla frosting, cotton candy and caramel. Taboo and tantalizing!

Zombie Apocalypse: A double-barreled shotgun shell full of succulent black raspberry, bergamot, dark amber, with dark vanilla bean, labdanum and a kick of gunpowder!


Cheshire Moon: Three different kinds of tea, steeped under the glow of a mysterious crescent moon, and then mixed with secret, exotic spices of Wonderland. This one will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Go Ask Alice: Let your mind wander under a pale blue sky amid the scent of English ivy, lilac and violets, and delicate china cups brimming with delicious black tea, fresh milk, and honey - all on a golden afternoon. This one is for the daydreamers.

Mad Tea Party: You’ll feel a lovely sort of looniness set in when you smell steaming cups of redberry tea, trays of lemon cakes and treacle tarts piled high on a festive table. A very merry Un-Birthday to you!

Off With Her Head!: Her scent is sandalwood and dark chocolate and dark thoughts, roses that may have been white in another life, black tea and blackberry tarts - trifle not with the Queen of Hearts!

Smoking Caterpillar: His bewildering advice wafts all around you in colorful puffs and whuffs of smoky patchouli, nag champa, sandalwood, vanilla and dragon's blood, ringed by towering roses and night-blooming jasmine. Who are you, again?

White Rabbit: In a hurried flash of fur and tweed you catch a whiff of vetiver, willow, apricot marmalade, and golden honey dripped into green tea. Pleasant, if not punctual!


Dance Magic Dance: This one will have you dancing and singing along to the tune of sandalwood, vanilla bean, clementines, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, and bubblegum topped with hints of lavender and lemon zest!

Goblin Masquerade: As the world falls down around you, you catch the lilting notes of nectarine, lotus and orchid dancing deliriously among more somber strains of sandalwood, amber and vanilla.

No Ordinary Girl: A burst of energizing, sparkling ginger, moonflower and golden myrrh make up this simple yet irresistible blend. Perfect for when you're fleeing from the fire gang or chasing your baby brother through an Escher-like dreamscape!

The Goblin King: You recognize the distinct scent of peaches in the air as he moves steadily towards you, his form clad in well-worn leather, black vanilla, violet petals and wafting tobacco smoke, with oak moss and woody amber swirling all around.

Through Dangers Untold: Steel yourself with Dragon's Blood and drops of precious mahogany as you enter into the dry stone walls of the labyrinth, where you are greeted by the scent of creeping ivy, curious lichen and apricot blowing on a hot wind.


Cookie Cat: Smells like a delightful FUSION of chocolate cookie and strawberry ice cream

Crescent Moon Kitty: Smells like succulent blackberries and a saucer of cream.

Droid, Please: Smells like zippy, peppy blood orange.

Glorious Purpose: Smells like the perfect juicy pear, drizzled in golden honey.

Goblin King's Gift: Smells like juicy peaches with a splash of sweet cream

Hey Mistah J: Smells like warm red velvet cake with smooth, white vanilla frosting

I Choose You: Smells like fresh strawberries and cream.

Ivy's Poison: Smells like a crisp, green apple dipped in ooey-gooey caramel - a customer favorite

Leia's Buns: Smells like a scrumptious cinnamon roll

Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!: Smells like a savory vanilla cupcake topped with swirling pink frosting and sprinkles

Mother of Dragons: Smells like biting into a piece of delicately spiced dragonfruit

Nerfherder: Smells just like a smooth, suave hazelnut latte

Patronus: Smells like white chocolate, vanilla and a hint of mint

Pixie Dust: Made with real Mexican vanilla that has been infused with a tinge of maraschino cherry, with neutral mica shimmer added!

Pumpkin King: What's this? There's pumpkin pie everywhere! What's this? Fall spices in the air

Sally's Spell: We sense there's something in the wind, and it smells like sumptuous pomegranate and creamy french vanilla

Second Breakfast: Smells like fresh, warm pancakes dripping with butter and maple syrup

Slayer: Smells like blood-red cherries and sexy spices

Soot Sprite Sprinkles: Smells like star-shaped sprinkles - think french macaron!

Sugar Skull: Smells like raspberries, meringue and sweet caramel

Tea With Inara: Smells like spiced chai tea, enjoyed amid the incense smoke and candlelight of a luxurious boudoir

Time Lord Toffee: Smells like a delicious piece of home-made English toffee

Winky Face: Smells like a burst of juicy, pink bubble gum!

Zero: Smells like vanilla kissed by wintery mint!

Zombie Kisses: Smells like lime soda and rum, with just a twist of apricot.