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Wednesday, December 7 @ 8PM CST!

(Limited Quantities Available)
Be the first to try our delicious new house blends for our 1.5 oz wax melt shots!

MOON BUNNY: Fluffy marshmallows & strawberry mochi.

STAR LILY: Nightblooming lily, vanilla bean, cherry blossom, & sandalwood.

MUPPET FUZZ: Strawberry, banana, kiwi, bubble gum and sparkling white cider.

CLOUD 9: Lavender petals, coconut milk, vanilla bean. A tranquil treat!

ZEN PANDA: Fresh bamboo, green tea mochi, & sakura petals.

SNOWSUGAR: Frosted ivy, wild berries, winter roses, spun sugar. 

F*CK 2016: Fizzy ginger cider with a twist of citrus and lime


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