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"Into the Labyrinth..."


Geek Fire Labs scents go through tons and tons of different iterations and testing before they're ready for their public debut.  This creation phase is my favorite because it's when I get to break out all of my fragrance oils (all 300+ bottles!) and go nuts.  

When I'm planning a collection I tend to choose the scent names first because that gives me a direction, and then I go from there. When I was working on Off With Her Head! I knew I wanted it to be a darker scent because, let's face it, Queen of Hearts is wally-doolally bonkers, and I wanted to incorporate some sort of rose element because I felt roses were central to her character.  But I didn't want it to be overly floral.  You toss too much rose in there and it starts smelling like a grandmum's powder room.  So I toned down the rose notes and chose blackberry tart for a fruital element to incorporate the old nursery rhyme about the monarch having her pastries nicked by the Knave of Hearts.  Black tea went in there because it worked as another fruital but with a more elevated citrusy note, and dark chocolate to ground it all back down.  I wanted nothing white or bright or light-feeling in this scent.  Off With Her Head! took me about five months and 9 iterations to get right, but it was worth it!

Even while I was making the Wonderland collection, I knew I wanted to create a scent line inspired by Labyrinth, which is my second favorite movie of all time (the first being The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I'm suuuper original like that.)  Like many starry-eyed little girls from the 80's, Laby holds a special place in my nerdy, Jareth-loving, magic-dancing heart.  With the loss of our goblin king and legendary rock icon earlier this year and with the movie celebrating it's 30th anniversary in June, I knew it was time to bust out my oils and try to get in the headspace of a somewhat selfish but spunky teenage girl and a fabulous, leather-clad, glitter-poofing centuries old Fae-King to try and figure out what they'd smell like.

These are just the tiny seeds of the collection, but I'm already jazzed out of my mind to debut them.  No set date on the release but most likely sometime in June, so keep an eye out!  And remember to always say your right words...

Laby Seeds

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